Black Lives, Black Words: Part 2

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In association with the Bush Theatre, Black Lives, Black Words took to the stage once more, on March 4, 2016, and triumphed. Through Artistic Directors for the Future (ADF) with support from Talawa Theatre Company and Theatre Royal Stratford, Simeilia Hodge- Dallaway enabled diverse and empowering writers to showcase their talent and stories.  Their stories rang with the drama of Black Lives, in all of its forms, seven dimensional and spiritual. All of the plays were striking and hit a resonating note; A note not only of diversity, but also of all round, eclectic, grounded drama.  This provided an essential alternative to the tried and tested and often stereotypical narrative of estates, guns, drugs and knives.

The event kicked started with a discussion, INNOVATE! INNOVATE! F**K S**T UP! This was led by Remi Graves, Taio Lawson and Omar El-Khairy. The discussion was insightful and thought provoking, looking at the legacy of Black culture/art/ music and its enduring influence. The question of why Black writers, actors, theatre professionals continue to be excluded from British theatre, was also heavy on everybody’s lips.

Following the discussion, the plays begun. The Black Lives, Black Words writers included:

Davina Cole‘All the Colours’

Sharmila Chauhan‘Prodigal’

Ryan Calais-Cameron‘Timbuktu’

Deborah A. Williams‘What Would Quentin Do’

Courttia Newland‘Manifesto’

Through Black Lives, Black Words, Simeilia is championing the richness of Black drama.  A drama that is expansive, multi-faceted, all encompassing, brash, bold, unapologetic, inclusive, and forged in the lived stories of a historically British Black presence and diaspora.

The Black Lives, Black Words initiative has also enabled British writer, Max K, to have Father’s Day showcased in the United States, at the Columbian Festival  in February 2016. Father’s Day  was first showcased at the Black Lives, Black Words event, in October 2015, at the Bush Theatre.


Cook n Curry very much looks forward to more events from Black Lives, Black Words. And Hopes upon Hope that this will be the second, in what will be a legacy of Black showcased performances. This made possible through Artistic Directors of the Future (ADF) and Simeilia Hodge- Dallaway, as well as supportive theatres, continuing to strive for equality of representation and contribution.


For Black Lives, Black Words, October 2015 UK play readings.

For Black Lives, Black Words Chicago play readings.

By New Writer

April 2016

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